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lear's daughters

written by elaine feinstein and the women's theatre group

directed by Lauren Boone

Lear’s Daughters dives into a powerful imagined prequel of King Lear surrounding his three daughters -- Goneril, Regan and Cordelia -- and the story of their childhoods leading up to Shakespeare’s famous play. The play explores the dysfunctional and sensational family dynamics of a King, a Queen, a Fool, a Nanny and the three daughters.

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Kristin Couture as Regan

Sofia Hurtado as Goneril

Katrina Kirkpatrick as Fool

Sandy Rather as Cordelia

Jasmine Williams as Nurse



Directed by Lauren Boone

Lighting by Tor Brown

Costumes by Zenobia Duncan

Sound by Gabby Battista

Hair and Makeup by Spanish Camarilla